Money saving mama! Shopping at Rhea Lana’s consignment sale.

Raising children is expensive, there’s no doubt about it. You don’t need to have three sets of twins and a bonus singleton to realize that kids are money pits. From diapers, to braces, to that ER bill from little Johnny sticking a Lego up his nose, there’s always some expense when it comes to children…. Q&A

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to answer a few questions for In my enlightened baby brain state (haha), I completely forgot to share the article here. As a mother to seven, the adage “better late than never” is practically one of my mottos, and it’s certainly applicable in this case….

Exclusively breastfeeding twins and having milk leftover to donate.

Chances are if you’ve made it to my blog, you’ve seen both my breastfeeding photos and pictures of my marvelous milk stash on social media. You may want to know what my secret is to milk production, and you may be struggling with breastfeeding your own little one(s). While I’ve managed to respond to a…

Newborn photos are in!

Not only do I know a fantastic newborn photographer in my area, I have the honor of calling her my friend.  When she offered to capture images of my latest additions, of course I couldn’t turn her down.  Veronica has over six years experience as a photographer, an extensive collection of props, and a cozy…