A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to answer a few questions for In my enlightened baby brain state (haha), I completely forgot to share the article here. As a mother to seven, the adage “better late than never” is practically one of my mottos, and it’s certainly applicable in this case. So head on over to for another glimpse of what life is like with three sets of twins. While you’re there, stay a while and check out the site– it’s a fantastic resource for us M.O.M.s. Have another question? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. Sarah peace says:

    How did/do your twins sleep? Do you suggest same or different rooms? How do you wean night feedings? How do you feed and what do you feed the kiddos?! Any suggestions of foods for weight gain my twins are 15 monthd

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    1. Hi Sarah! Great questions on some big topics. I’ve always swaddled and bedshared with my babies until they reach around 6-7 months old. At that point they’ve been moved to separate cribs in their shared bedroom. If they nursed at night I attempted to get them back in their crib, but it didn’t always happen. At a year old they were mostly sleeping through the night in their own bedroom. We recently had a sleep consultant come to one of the local Moms of Multiples meetings. You may want to look into a consult as well to address issues specific to your home/family. In general avoid the use of blue/white/green nightlights in their room, and they suggested using a white noise machine.
      At 15 months mine were all on table foods, just cut into super small pieces. We try to eat a lot of whole foods (produce, meats, dairy, whole grain pasta and breads, etc). In general, avocado, nuts, whole milk, cheeses, and butter are good choices to gain weight. I make my kids stay at the table until they finished all their food, so they weren’t given the choice to be picky. They never had problems gaining weight so I can’t offer you any personal insight on that. Your pediatrician may be a better person to ask! I’ve also found an article that addresses your question:


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