Pumpstrap review.


I recently had the opportunity to test drive a hands free pumping accessory. First things first, when I initially discovered the product I could not contain my excitement. With a cup size nearly halfway through the alphabet, the struggle is real when it comes to finding anything that accommodates the girls. As a full term exclusively breastfeeding mom of now 7 children, I’ve been SAHM, a working mom, and a college student while maintaining a nursing relationship with 2-3 babies at a time. Additionally, to date, I’ve donated over 18,000 ounces of breastmilk. Anything that helps make this juggling act easier is a win in my book. Enter Pumpstrap. For a variety of reasons, this HANDS-FREE pumping accessory is a must for any multitasking mom:

  • It works for nearly any size mom and breast. Whether you’ve got mosquito bites or boulders, a size small or 3XL, Pumpstrap adjusts to your size.
  • Flanges are held securely with gentle compression. I find that I don’t turn my pump up as high when using Pumpstrap. I also was able to relax more during the pump session, knowing that my precious milk would not be spilling. When I relaxed more, my milk output increased. If you have a battery powered pump, you could easily use Pumpstrap while moving about your home.
  • Hands are free to scroll through your Facebook feed, put on your make up in the morning, read a book to your toddler, use your laptop, eat lunch, continue working, or whatever you want to do with your hands.
  • Pumpstrap survived laundering several times this past month, and it still looks brand new. I probably didn’t read washing instructions either.
  • Pumpstrap is mom created. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say, and it takes a mom to know the needs of other moms.
  • This pumping accessory works on top of a nursing bra, a nursing tank, or simply by itself.
  • Pumpstrap can be used to secure a flange on one breast while baby nurses on the other breast. This is a great way to increase your supply as I mentioned in a previous post


The only slight issue I had with Pumpstrap is the width of the openings. Having a larger chest and nipples that point somewhat outwards, I had to move my nipples quite a bit from their neutral position in order to pump. An option with wider spaced slits would easily solve the problem. Overall, however, I’ve loved testing out the Pumpstrap! Order yours today at Amazon.

Or visit the Pumpstrap website for more info and to order. Use code TRIPLE20 to save 20%!

Eating lunch and taking selfies while pumping on a break at work. #multitasking

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