Review: Milkful Mama Lactation Bars.


I recently had the opportunity to try Milkful Mamas lactation bars. Believe it or not, this is the first product geared towards lactating mothers that I’ve tried! I sampled the blueberry almond coconut and here are my thoughts:

1. Flavor: The coconut flavor is light but dominant. Almonds and blueberries are noticeable, and there’s also a hint of sweetness. Each bite is a bit zingy after a few chews; I’m guessing this is the brewer’s yeast coming through.

2. Texture: These bars are dense! I didn’t mind the texture at all, however, it just made me feel like I was eating something substantial. The cocunut shreds and almonds added a pleasant crunch. If you’re dehydrated I reccomend having water nearby.

3. Nutrition: This flavor bar contains: rolled oats, honey, organic brown rice syrup, unsweetened coconut, raw almonds, organic flax seed meal, dried blueberries, organic virgin coconut oil, debittered brewer’s yeast, black sesame seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pure vanilla extract, and sea salt. You can’t go wrong with these ingredients! A nursing mama needs approximately 20 calories to produce 1 ounce of milk, so at 250 calories per bar you have a convenient way to take in high quality calories.

4. Galactalogue effect: I only tried 6 bars. The first three I ate in one sitting, and felt overly full about 2 hours later. Normally I don’t pump in the evenings, but I ended up pumping 15oz that night! I noted no discernable difference in the following days, so I don’t have enough data to make a solid claim…that is unless Milkful Mama wants to send me more (can you blame a girl for trying ?  Note: I sampled a flavor without fenugreek, as I cannot take fenugreek and donate to the preemie milk bank.

5. Price: A box of 6 bars sells for $19.50 on, so you’re looking at $3.25 per bar. A lower cost-per-bar can be obtained by signing up for a monthly subscription– this brings each bar down to $2.67. If you order using the code triple.twinning, you will get an additional 20% off your bars!

Bottom line: If it’s in your budget, Milkful Mama Bars are worth it. Know an expectant mama who plans to breastfeed? Order her a few boxes as a gift to give her something she can actually use. Even better, assemble a breastfeeding caddy containing helpful items like heating/cooling gel pads, nipple cream, breastmilk storage bags, nursing pads, a haakaa, a reusable water bottle, and Milkful Mama bars.






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