Third trimester woes.

28 weeks 5 days pregnant.

If there’s anything women quickly learn during their first pregnancy it’s that friends, family, and strangers alike see pregnancy as an invite for tactless questions and comments. Given my unique reproductive history, I’m constantly asked a variety of intrusive questions. For the most part I’ve gotten used to them and have a repertoire of sassy responses prepared. I admit it, even take a bit of pleasure in embarrassing those who choose to ask the most invasive questions. In general, however, I’m am open book and understand why my situation would rouse the curiosity of a stranger. But this is one comment (from an individual who will remain unnamed) that really chaps my hide.

Going through this for the third time should be easy. You’re like an expert now“.

No. Wrong. Incorrect.

I am experienced with twin pregnancy, but I am not immune to its challenges. Heartburn, vomiting, restless sleep, swelling, fatigue, cankles, cramping, contractions, and irritability still plague me on a frequent basis. Look at it this way: at 30 weeks pregnant I’m carrying approximately 6 pounds of fetus. That’s the size of some singletons at birth! Most of my clothes don’t fit, and sometimes I try on several sets of scrubs at work before I find an acceptable top and bottom.

30 weeks… all the scrubs are either too tight, too loose, or too short.

What a fourth pregnancy and third twin pregnancy gives me is not immunity, but perspective. I know that no matter how craptactular I feel today, I’ll feel even worse this time next week. And regardless of the misery that comes with being 32, 36, or even 40 weeks pregnant with twins, two babies are much easier to take care of inside my belly than they are outside. With this in mind I am simply doing what we all do: take each day one at a time.

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