Cankles be gone!

Cankles are probably one of the most common woes of pregnancy, especially when you are gestating multiple fetuses. For those who haven’t heard the term, ‘cankle’ is simply a combination of ‘calf’ and ‘ankle’, and it describes an edematous state where no distinction can be made between the two parts.

As a working mom pregnant with twins, I spend a lot of time on my feet in the operating room. When the swelling kicked in sometime in the second trimester, I decided to do something about it this time. In previous pregnancies, despite knowing of the existence of compression socks, I sucked it up and carried on. Honestly I didn’t think a pair of socks would make such a difference in the quality of my every day life. But they have!

Here are my feet on a day I was off work last week and decided to skip the socks:



Yes, it’s as uncomfortable as it looks.

Here are my feet today after my shift:



At 35 weeks pregnant with twins, my feet look and feel amazing all because of these bad boys:


I cannot express enough how much these socks have helped me function on a day to day basis, and that’s why I’m sharing this “pro tip” with you.  Even better, I’ve contacted the manufacturer of SB Sox, and they’ve agreed to give away a FREE pair for one lucky blog reader who shares this post! Compression socks aren’t just for pregnancy, either.  They can be used for runners/athletes, people who are diabetic, swollen, suffer from varicose veins, or have other medical conditions that affect their circulation.  They’re great for traveling and professions like nursing where you spend the bulk of your day on your feet.

This contest will run for two weeks.  In the meantime you can head over to the SB Sox website for more info, or straight to Amazon to order as I did. Make sure you take advantage of discounts for ordering in bulk! My only regret is not ordering these socks sooner.

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